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Average stock of 1500 tones

3 logistic centers

More than 2500 items

More than 70 employees

More than 6000 tons of yearly sales, and turnover of 22 million euros.

More than 20 delivery routes in Romania weekly

Color Metal is one of the major players on the market of non-ferrous semi-finished products’ distribution in the Eastern European region.

Considering the core of our business, we believe in the importance of the partnerships with technical experts – especially with engineers – and the value of achieving trust. Thus, the support given to these experts in the past 15 years, has been the key element of our activity.

Our company has a well-established position in the region, operating from 4 logistical centers in Bucharest, Timișoara, Odorheiu-Secuiesc and Budapest. Next to Romania and Hungary, we have an active presence in Serbia, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova


We offer a large scale of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium-zinc semi-finished products, responding to the needs of clients from different industries, such as: metal machining, metal construction, automotive, food industry, aeronautics, defense, machine building, publicity, building industry and so on. The large list of products is completed by professional services such as door-to-door delivery, cut-to-size service, and technical support.

In order to ensure the best quality, we work together with recognized manufacturers across the world and exclusively procure certified materials. Our large and diverse stock and the experienced team specialized in the non-ferrous domain, enable us to fulfill not only orders of standard items, but also special demands and individual deliveries for projects in a very short time.

From being able to define the precise needs for materials through the warehousing skills, and just-in-time deliveries, our company is providing the flexibility and reliability for all our customers.


Our company offers a new range of products for architectural solutions such as designing and renovating with copper, copper alloy and titanium-zinc. These materials allow a unique and innovative design for roofs, facades, rainwater systems, interior designs, and other items for restoration and renovation.

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